About the Law Office of Emily Gomez, LLC

About Us

The Law Office of Emily Gomez LLC was founded by Attorney Emily Gomez-Hayes after spending several years in a large law firm litigating on behalf of corporate clients.  Ms. Gomez-Hayes’ interest in consumer debt issues began when several family members and friends fell on hard times. When her loved ones encountered difficulties paying the bills, she got to see the harassment tactics some collectors resort to first hand. Shocked, she stepped in to help and in so doing found a passion for consumer protection law.

A native of central Maryland, Attorney Gomez-Hayes graduated from The George Washington University Law School in 2007 with a Juris Doctor in law, and from Dartmouth College in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology.  Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids, hiking, and walking her mastiff Simon.

Why Choose Us

Experts in Consumer Law

With the expertise you need and a passion for your financial rights, we’re the perfect advocates to represent you.  Whether you’re being harassed by debt collectors, struggling to fix errors on your credit report, or at a loss dealing with contractors that haven’t completed agreed-upon work, we can help.

Personal Attention You Deserve

Each person’s situation is different and presents its own challenges. We provide you with the guidance and attention you need to protect your financial future.

What our Clients Say

Courteous and Recommended

Emily S. Gomez, Esq. represented us in a Civil Suit by a debt collector. We are not exactly sure how we selected her, but we are glad we did. Ms. Gomez promised to refund her fee if she did not win our case. The case was “dismissed with prejudice,” which means it is gone for good. Ms. Gomez was very courteous and professional as well as sympathetic to our situation. We wholeheartedly recommend her legal services .

Affordable and a Winner

Emily helped me with a case, she was easy and comfortable to talk to. She understood my problem, she was sympathetic and professional. She explained to me all the legal matters that I did not understand and gave me feedback frequently. She gave me possible outcomes and reassured me all the way. The case resolved quickly and at the end of it all she won the case. Her payments were also reasonable and worth every penny !! I would highly recommend her!

Professional and Convenient

Emily Gomez was very helpful, professional, she handled my case and won it without my presence in court. She is very attentive and understanding. She communicates with her clients on timely manner. It was such a pleasure working with her