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Insight into Consumer Law by Emily Gomez, Esquire

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Harassment Lawyers – What Counts as Debt Collection Harassment?

Federal and state laws that make debt collection harassment illegal are all well and good, but unless you know what counts as “harassment,” it’s hard to know what to look out for. Both the FDCPA (federal law) and the FCEUA (Pennsylv

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Harassed by Collectors? Take Heart – You Have Rights.

Have you fallen on hard times?  Are you having trouble paying the bills?  Are collectors calling several times a day, and making your life miserable? If this sounds like your situation, take heart.  A federal law called the Fair Debt Collection Pr

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Defending a Foreclosure Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

If you’ve been sued in a foreclosure lawsuit, you’re probably under a lot of stress and are struggling with what to do.  You may be getting a lot of letters from bankruptcy attorneys in the mail, and are wondering whether or not bankrupt

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Checked Your Credit Report Lately?

Have you checked your credit report lately?  By some estimates, as many as 40 million Americans have errors on their credit reports.  If serious, an error can cause someone to be unable to buy a car, qualify for student loans, or otherwise obtain c

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So…What is Consumer Credit Law, Exactly?

Whenever I tell someone I’m a consumer lawyer, I know to expect the puzzled look.  The furrowed brow, the inquiring stare.  “Consumer lawyer, huh?”  “So what do you do, exactly?” Given how broad consumer credit law is

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Debt Collectors – Debt Collection Laws and How They Work

Have you ever wondered how debt collectors can be so callous and uncaring?  Have you ever tried to talk to a collector like a normal person, only to be insulted or put down?  In the article found at the link below, a reporter went undercover at a c

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Fallen Behind on Your Credit Card?

Having a credit card can be something of a mixed bag. When things are going well, having a credit card can open up new opportunities in life. Because with a credit card, you can build your credit rating making it easier, and cheaper to make big purch

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What our Clients Say

Courteous and Recommended

Emily S. Gomez, Esq. represented us in a Civil Suit by a debt collector. We are not exactly sure how we selected her, but we are glad we did. Ms. Gomez promised to refund her fee if she did not win our case. The case was “dismissed with prejudice,” which means it is gone for good. Ms. Gomez was very courteous and professional as well as sympathetic to our situation. We wholeheartedly recommend her legal services .

Affordable and a Winner

Emily helped me with a case, she was easy and comfortable to talk to. She understood my problem, she was sympathetic and professional. She explained to me all the legal matters that I did not understand and gave me feedback frequently. She gave me possible outcomes and reassured me all the way. The case resolved quickly and at the end of it all she won the case. Her payments were also reasonable and worth every penny !! I would highly recommend her!

Professional and Convenient

Emily Gomez was very helpful, professional, she handled my case and won it without my presence in court. She is very attentive and understanding. She communicates with her clients on timely manner. It was such a pleasure working with her