Credit Card Lawsuit?

Don't Worry - You Have Rights

Facing a credit card lawsuit?  Is the plaintiff a company you never heard of, such as CACH LLC, LVNV Funding, LLC, Midland Funding, LLC, or Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC?  Has the sheriff come by your house to serve you with papers?  

If so, you may need a credit card lawyer.


If this sounds anything like your situation, don’t panic.  You have rights in a credit card lawsuit, whether or not you think you owe the money.  Among your rights is the right to see proof of who owns your old credit card debt, if the debt has changed hands; the right to know how the credit card company or debt buyer arrived at the amount it says you owe; and the right to see what authority the credit card company has to charge you certain fees.

Debt Buyers Take Advantage of the Uninformed

Never heard of the company suing you?  If so, you’ve probably been sued by a debt buyer.  Debt buyers such as CACH LLC, LVNV Funding, LLC, Midland Funding, LLC, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, and others, buy old debt from credit card companies for 2 to 4% of the balance.  Later, they sue for the entire amount, betting that you won’t fight the case.  This means that for $20 to $40, they can try to get the whole $1000 you owed the credit card company.  And if you don’t show up or send a lawyer, they win by default.  Once they win, they can then try to go after your bank account or property.  Therefore, it’s well worth your while to have a lawyer in your corner!

A Credit Card Lawyer In Your Corner

Take the first step to hiring your own credit card lawyer today by calling the Law Office of Emily Gomez at (412) 378-5854 for a free phone consultation.  Attorney Gomez has successfully fought and won many cases against some of the biggest debt collectors in the country.  Don’t let the debt collectors win – call now!

What our Clients Say

Courteous and Recommended

Emily S. Gomez, Esq. represented us in a Civil Suit by a debt collector. We are not exactly sure how we selected her, but we are glad we did. Ms. Gomez promised to refund her fee if she did not win our case. The case was “dismissed with prejudice,” which means it is gone for good. Ms. Gomez was very courteous and professional as well as sympathetic to our situation. We wholeheartedly recommend her legal services .

Affordable and a Winner

Emily helped me with a case, she was easy and comfortable to talk to. She understood my problem, she was sympathetic and professional. She explained to me all the legal matters that I did not understand and gave me feedback frequently. She gave me possible outcomes and reassured me all the way. The case resolved quickly and at the end of it all she won the case. Her payments were also reasonable and worth every penny !! I would highly recommend her!

Professional and Convenient

Emily Gomez was very helpful, professional, she handled my case and won it without my presence in court. She is very attentive and understanding. She communicates with her clients on timely manner. It was such a pleasure working with her